Juice Review: Old Man Time from Hippy Sauce

I got this as part of my sampler pack from Hippy Sauce and tried to figure out what the flavor was from the get-go.  Here’s what the website says about “Old Man Time”

“Vanilla Custard. The classic.The old man full of wisdom! One of my personal favorites. People have been falling in love with Old Man Time since it was released. Sure to be your all day vape and your go to!”

I think the name “Old Man Time” is because the flavor is such a standard, a huge go-to for a lot of vapers out there.  Vanilla Custard is not a regular flavor for every product line, but a lot of companies will try their hand.  Lots of people go to it because it’s a trusted blend, the standard of which most people will compare a juice line to.

“How well can you pull off a vanilla custard??”


Flavor: The flavor hits your pallet from the beginning.  A strong yet smooth vanilla mixed with the tangy creaminess of custard.  The flavors are bold in strength, but smooth in execution.  A big hit in my book, and if you love custards, you will definitely be a fan too.

Cloud Production: This is a max VG blend.  Having said that, there is no compromising the flavor or clouds.  Wonderfully smooth cloud production with a pretty solid volume.

Throat Hit: As with lots of custards, the throat hit might be a little much for some people.  Be prepared for a little stronger hit than you might be used to with some “tamer” flavors.

Nic Strength: 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24

Bottle Size: 15ml and 60ml

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