Juice Review: Hoppy Roll from My Mojo Vape

Hopefully, a lot of you guys have had the chance to go check out Vapers.TV and see the insanity that happens across most of the channels.  One company that shows up pretty often as a sponsor is My Mojo Vape.  This is the company that features light up bottles, and has some very interesting product names and labels.  They actually have two flavors named after Vapers.TV hosts.  One of which is the guy who owns 50hm Vaperz Network, and he goes by the name Hoppy.

Here’s Hoppy Roll…

Hoppy Roll is a perfect cross blend between a delicious cinnamon pastry and your favorite cinnamon style cereal.”

Flavor: The problem with lots of cinnamon vapes is either too much sweetness or too harsh of a cinnamon flavor.  Either that, or the wrong choice of base for flavoring (i.e. the cinnamon menthol vape my wife chose when she tried vaping).

Definitely some cinnamon flavor here, without being too overly sweet.  I got a cinnamon/buttery flavor, which kept it from being too sweet like a pastry.  I didn’t get a ton of cinnamon sugar either, which would have leaned more towards the cereal.  The cinnamon rode that fence line just perfectly, without being too harsh on the pallet.

As far as cinnamon vapes, I have definitely had worse.  Not one of my top favorites, but delicious nonetheless!

Cloud Production: You can purchase this as a 50/50 or Max VG blend.  The Max VG gives some pretty awesome cloud production without compromising flavor.  I caught myself a few times watching on camera while vaping just to see how awesome the clouds are to anyone watching, and I was pretty impressed.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg

Bottle Size: 30ml only


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