Juice Review: Leslieville from Moshi

Leslieville is a middle class neighborhood in Toronto.  I didn’t really understand how a fresh fruit cocktail tied into a middle class neighborhood, but I guess the mix of different flavors kind of ties everything together.

“An orchard of flavour, Leslieville has the crispness of a fresh apple, the tangy smack of wild berries, and the juiciness of a ripe peach. The palate will pick up more flavours on each vape – perfect as an all-day selection.”

Fruit cocktail has a very general feel.  When I think of fruit cocktail, I always think of peach, pears, grape, etc. (maybe it’s a southern thing??)  Never really been a huge fan of fruit cocktail (or at least that kind…) but this flavor….man….

Flavor:  Apple + berries + peach = the best all day vape if you are a fan of fruit flavors!  Super juicy, super tasty.  I’m not big into fruit vapes but this is a very delicious vape that has the potential to be a solid all day vape

Cloud Production: Moshi has some incredible clouds combined with a solid flavor.  Very full fluffiness!

Nicotine Strength:  0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg

Only available in 30ml

Until next time guys, keep on vaping…



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