Juice Review: A La Mode by VapeStorm

The fine folks at 5-0hm Vaperz Network regularly give away VapeStorm and very highly recommended that I try this line.  I have seen these skull covered bottles slowly start creeping up in my local vape shops, all over Instagram, and VapeStorm gets mentioned a lot through vapers I talk to.

The question, though, is which flavor do you try?  The website features 5 different juice lines with several flavors on each one.  What drew my attention is the fact that this is a seasonal flavor.  Around this time of year, lots of companies release small run seasonal flavors that are built around hype.  I covered Rear Diff a few weeks ago, but this was a very different kind of seasonal blend…


Flavor: What you would normally expect is a golden crust with maybe some apple flavor with a hint of vanilla ice cream.  What I actually got, though, was a very specific portion of said homemade apple pie.

When that warm slice of pie has melted a massive portion of the ice cream, to where the ice cream starts to blend in with the caramel and juices.  When you go to take a fork-full and get this massive flavor punch of melted vanilla ice cream mixed with the gooey apple glaze all sandwiched between two portions of pie crust.  Those select few moments that make you say “Damn…this is some good pie…”

That is what this tastes like.  However instead of being one or two bites, that flavor experience occurs with every freaking hit of this bottle.  It is warm, flavorful, and just downright amazing.

Cloud Production: Max VG gets you some max clouds.  I was not disappointed with the clouds on this one.

Nicotine Strength: omg, 2mg, 4mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Guys this is only available until January.  If you can get this, get it now and stock up!!  You will not be disappointed!!

Until next time….vape on!

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