Juice Review: Limelight by Freebird Vapors

If you have been following this page or know anything about Freebird Vapors, you know that Good Morning Manhattan is a solid juice.  It is not everyday that you find a multi layered, multi flavored juice that is executed as well as that.

Do yourself a favor and step into the Limelight…


You may be asking yourself the following: Okay, so how wonderful can a lime flavored juice be?  I mean…it’s just lime, right??”

Let me ask you a question then.  Is a Lemonhead candy just lemon?  The answer is “Not exactly”

Flavor: Again, what makes Freebird so good is their ability to hit several taste buds all at once without overwhelming one over the other.  One second you get the tarty lime, then it switched to sour.  It goes citrus, causing your saliva to well up.  Then it invades your saliva, turning into even more lime.  Right when you think it’s going to be too much lime, your taste buds run into a wall of sweetness.  Just like a Lemonhead, your taste buds light up from the first time it hits your tongue all the way to the sweet ending.

And it does this in about 3 seconds.

This tasty little adventure rocks your taste buds hit after hit, enough to where I would have to agree with them.  This is a solid all day vape.

Cloud Production: There is no way in hell that this is just a 70VG.  They really cram the flavor in but the clouds just keep flowing.  I actually think I have a pretty massive lime flavored cloud looming over my house now as we speak…

Throat Hit: (WARNING) Guys, please keep in mind that this is a citrus flavor.  Vape in moderation!  You will find quite a throat burn if you chain vape too much.  Other than that, this provides a very satisfying throat hit to further cement the position as an incredible all day vape!

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg


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