Juice Review: Snake Venom by TGR Vapor

So one thing that is awesome about being part of the vape community is when you make new friends.  And those friends want to share juice with you.  Not just any juice, but something local to them that you cannot get at any brick and mortar.

My buddy Ohm_Punisher (@ohm_Punisher on Twitter) gave away some TGR Vapor juice, as they are a local B&M shop nearby.  I picked up this little bottle of “Snake Venom” just because I liked the name.

The bad part is that I can’t find a website to order from these guys.  There is a phone number on their Facebook page, but no real way to order online, which sucks.  The reason I say that is because this delicious little bottle packed a ton of flavor in a Max VG formula.  This 30ml bottle was killed in less than 2 days…

Flavor: Strawberries and Custards.  Custards and strawberries.  Either way you cut it, you’ve got the delicious fruity combination of sweet and tart strawberries mixed with the hardiest of custards.  Together this perfect harmony creates a very delicious juice.  I am actually quite sad that it’s no more….but next time I will definitely let it steep.

The problem is that a lot of people like to crack open the bottle as soon as they get a handmade juice.  The mix doesn’t get a chance to marinate and do it’s thing to create an even more epic juice.  However, this was solid from the get-go.  I can only imagine how it would have been after a couple weeks of steeping.  Oh well…

Throat Hit: I feel like if this had steeped for a bit, the throat hit would have changed quite dramatically.  I didn’t get a super strong hit or burn, but I could feel it after 3-4 pulls.

Cloud Production: Max VG in a light color mix that doesn’t clog up your coils.  This was very smooth on the intake with a solid cloud exhale.  I was quite happy with the result!!

Nic Level: 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12, 14



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  1. Ohm_Punisher says:

    Thanks buddy. We’re glad you liked it. I will be talking with them about getting a site to order but I know if you message them they can hook you up. I love the cloud 9 and pear too.


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