Juice Review: Strawberry Waffle from Authentic

I have mentioned before in previous articles about the awesome people on Vapers TV.  This was my first win from 50hm Vapers Network, which is an amazing channel to check out.  Unfortunately, I flubbed up my response and they still gave it to me!

Authentic E-juice has 3 different flavors to pick from.  This one in particular is a “Strawberry Waffle” flavor

“Fresh off the waffle iron, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with fresh strawberries”

Oh man, this was a taste adventure!  I actually received another sample bottle with this plus some stickers and a couple flavor cards, so it actually was a pretty solid win!  Another thing that makes this awesome is that they included temp control recommended settings on the flavor profile card, which I thought was awesome.  This one in particular is recommended at 450-470 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flavor: So at the first hit, this has a juicy strawberry taste, with a fullness that makes you feel like you are taking a bite from a plump, ripe strawberry.  Combine that with the full bodied undertone of a spongecake/baked layer, this really does make you feel like you are eating a waffle topped with fresh strawberries!  Where most companies try to put a whipped cream flavor at the very tip, these guys put a sweet glaze that resembles maple syrup.  It’s not caked on, but just enough of a dribble so that you know it’s there with every vape.  In short, this bottle is awesome!!

Cloud Production: I did not find anything on the bottle or flavor card to suggest what the PG/VG level would be, but my guess would be 70VG/30PG.  Solid thick plumes of white fluffy clouds mixed with a flavorful package.

In my opinion, this bottle is definitely worth it!

These guys also have a Butter Rum Cupcake and a Key Lime Pie flavor.  Hoping to try in the very near future!  In the meantime, go check out the 50hm Vapers Network and hopefully you can also win from the Authentic line or possibly other sponsors!

And until next time, guys.  Keep on vaping!!


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