Juice Review: Float On by Mt. Baker Vapor

I learned a HUGE lesson in the past few days, and more people need to take this into account.  If you get a hand mixed juice, such as with Mt. Baker, you must let it steep.  Find a dark box or a drawer, hide it from sunlight, and let it sit.  Normally I go for a few days, but this bottle has been sitting in my juice box for about 3 weeks.

Did it help?

Well, I started vaping this as soon as I got it and tasted a very cheap root beer flavor.  Not horrible, but more like a Sam’s Choice Root Bear as compared to A&W.

But how does it taste now??

Flavor: A smooth creamy root beer flavor, this has everything you would want from a good solid vape.  You have the full body cream with pockets of root beer soda hitting your tongue.  You always have the option to add extra flavor shots, but the way the bottle came was just phenomenal.  I still wouldn’t say it’s a top of the line root beer flavor, but that 3 week steep time seemed to work just about right to take something half-assed and turn it into something quite tasty!!

Cloud Production: Like the other Mt. Baker flavors I received, this one came as a 80VG/20PG blend, and the clouds were solid as a result.  I really don’t feel like there was any compromise between flavor and clouds on this one.

If you guys are looking for a solid vape experience at a cheaper price, head over to Mt Baker’s website and check them out.  Like I said, though, please allow this stuff to steep for at least a couple of weeks.  This stuff is coming to you fresh!!!

And until next time…float on!  🙂


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