Juice Review: Rear Diff by Boosted

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!  My wife and I decided to forego our usual plans for decorating our front yard and passing out candy this year.  Instead, we decided to go ghost hunting at one of our favorite locations (hopefully I can get around to doing some YouTube videos of what we found).

Before we took off on our nightlong trip, I decided to stop at the Wick and Coil for a couple of hours.  I hadn’t been in a while, but noticed the huge range of juices that were just added to the shelf.  I asked about all of the new stuff.

“We’ve got (insert random company, followed by another, then another) and then we’ve got Boosted

I didn’t sound too impressed.  “I’ve never tried Boosted”, I said.

You would think I was speaking on a foreign language.  The phrase I just uttered didn’t seem to make any sense.  “Wait…you’ve NEVER tried Boosted?”


Ben immediately started scrambling for testers and mods, and gestured for me towards one end of the counter.  All of the juices were tasty, but this was the first one he gave me and I think it had the most impact.

“This Holiday flavor is said to taste like a pumpkin spice latte. Some say it’s hard to determine if you’re vaping it or actually drinking one!”

Flavor: From the very first hit, a very POWERFUL Pumpkin Pie punch (damn, try saying that three times fast).  Not too sweet, not too empty. This has a very carefully crafted flavor that feels like the absolute best slice of pumpkin pie you will ever have.  The PSL portion comes from the spices used to round out this little sucker.  Every hit (and I mean every single hit) is full of pumpkin, spice, whipped cream, and just amaze-balls.

Cloud Production: I am very impressed with how smooth the clouds are.  I would figure they wouldn’t be as great with such a huge flavor punch.  I don’t know the PG/VG level (although I would guess 70VG/30PG).

Check the shop links in the Boosted website, and pick up a bottle of this.  It’s seasonal, so it will not last long…which will suck because I’m going to be pretty sad when this bottle is finished.

Until next time…keep on vaping!


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