Month: November 2015

Juice Review: Pearl from Grand Cru

Kind of a huge week…. I started my new show on the 5-0hm Vaperz Network. Got my blog listed on the Guide to Vaping: Best of 2015 for best blog (and getting more than 2 votes…) And realizing that I get to try delicious juice like Pearl from Grand Cru! […]

Juice Review: A La Mode by VapeStorm

The fine folks at 5-0hm Vaperz Network regularly give away VapeStorm and very highly recommended that I try this line.  I have seen these skull covered bottles slowly start creeping up in my local vape shops, all over Instagram, and VapeStorm gets mentioned a lot through vapers I talk to. […]

Juice Review: Limelight by Freebird Vapors

If you have been following this page or know anything about Freebird Vapors, you know that Good Morning Manhattan is a solid juice.  It is not everyday that you find a multi layered, multi flavored juice that is executed as well as that. Do yourself a favor and step into the Limelight… […]

So we got their attention…let’s keep going!!

CASAA is requesting our comments to be sent to the FDA regarding labeling vaping products as “tobacco” related products and the claims that can be associated with those labels.  The supposed purpose is to reduce confusion among consumers in relation to these products.  The reality is, though, that […]