Breathe by Elixir Vape

So as I mentioned before, I had a rather long talk on Instagram with Billy, the co-founder of Elixir Vape.  After about an hour, we made arrangements to get a bottle of Breathe shipped over to me overnight to try.  I mean, honestly, as a blogger you kind of need to have access to your nose in order to keep doing what you love to do best, right??

(Granted, I probably could have written a few articles about juices I had tried in the past, but honestly it hurt way too much to sit in this computer chair…)

The bottle was originally supposed to arrive on Saturday morning.  In reality, it wasn’t processed until midday Friday.  By UPS’ standards, this actually wouldn’t be able to make it here until today (Monday).  So I sat at my desk at work, watching my emails…and the notice said: “Delivered by 10:30am”.  So at 10am, I clocked out to take an early lunch, high tailed it to my house Ferris Bueller style…and just missed the UPS truck.


But wait!  UPS still hadn’t come to my work yet!  So I high tailed it back, asked our receptionist to call me when the UPS guy shows up, and got back to my desk.  As soon as I sat down, I got a phone call.

“This is Greg”

Um…Greg…the UPS guy just showed up”

So I booked it up front as quickly as I could (keep in mind that I’m dealing with an upper respiratory infection, so I am well past being winded by this point).  The guy says “It’s not on my truck, but call the distribution center.  Maybe they can help.”

I called them, they called the driver, long story short (and one more Ferris Bueller style run back to my house), I get my package.  The point being that if you put your money into shipping me a product, I am going to bust my tail to make sure it’s worth it!!

Now…I told you all of that to tell you this.

Flavor: This stuff tastes like medicine.  Medicine can have a disgusting flavor, but organic medicine has a distinctive medicine taste that lets you know this stuff will work!  Granted, with being sick I couldn’t really taste it (and that’s the whole point of this.  You don’t buy it for flavor, you buy it for the effectiveness!)

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Mullen, Thyme, Licorice, Honey, Lemon, and Stevia.  Again, you don’t buy it to taste all of these flavors.  But I kid you not, I put a little in my RDA, drove down the road about 3/4 of a mile, and drove back (since we can’t have “smoke” breaks on campus).  By the time I got back, my nostrils had opened up.  For the first time in 3 days, I could breathe!

Now this wasn’t permanent, but it did give me just a little bit of herbal relief to kickstart things.  I vaped it a few more times before I got home, and honestly this gunk is all but gone from my body.  I still have a slight congestion in my nose but things are progressing rather quickly as a result.

Will this stuff heal you??  Probably not.  But if you have an allergy or are having breathing issues due to sinus problems, you MUST buy this bottle and keep it in your juicebox.  I promise you, as long as I am a vaper, I will keep a bottle of this in my stockpile at all times.

Until next time, guys…Keep on vaping!!

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