Allergies and vaping

Today has been one hell of a day to be a vaper.  I woke up this morning feeling fairly decent for a Thursday “Gotta get my crap done before Friday hits” kind of day.  I took a vape break with a coworker around 9:30…and then the crap hit the fan.

By 10:30, I had a sore throat

By 11, my nose was running

Lunch time at 12, I could barely touch my food from my throat hurting so bad.

Guys, by the time I left work, my body ached like crazy.  In a matter of less than 8 hours, I felt like I had come down with the absolute worst flu ever.  I picked up some cough drops (that honestly didn’t help hardly any, especially with the runny nose and body aches).  I took sinus medicine that barely touched it.  To me, this didn’t feel like an a-typical case of allergies, though.  Normally I have a really bad case of congestion in my sinus cavity, especially around my eyes.  My upper gums feel tightness, and I just feel like I’m floating in a cloud (and this was before I started vaping).

My friends from Vapers TV (The Couple that Vapes, if you guys are interested…some VERY awesome people) suggested a company to me called Elixir Vapes.  This is more of an apothecary than a vape company.  They sell organic juices that are meant to help you breathe better, sleep better, have a clearer mind…and even have a little something something to help your libido…*WINK*

Anyway, I started talking to one of their staff members through instant message on Instagram.  Seriously, these guys are super nice, very passionate about what they do, and have something that not many people have.  That’s a “medicinal” type of product that uses organic material that we have used through other means, and reproduces it in an aroma that you inhale.  To me, that’s ingenious.

How do they vape?  Well, I’m not totally sure yet.  I’m planning on trying these guys in the very near future, but after a recommendation from a friend AND a solid product design, I really feel like I would be in good hands.

But then I noticed something strange.  I had switched juices not even an hour earlier.  I could breathe better, my nose wasn’t as runny, I just had a really scratchy throat.  Then it occurred to me.

“Holy shit, I was allergic to something in the vape I was using today!!”  I had tried this particular flavor before, but noticed that I would start sneezing almost immediately after using.  That should have been my first clue.  We’ll see how I feel after a good night’s rest.

But what should you do if you start having allergy issues?  Please keep in mind, I am not a doctor.  I have experience in the medical field, but my opinion should NOT replace a doctor by any means.  However, this is what I would recommend.

  1. Find something with a cooling sensation for your throat/chest.  You can find plenty of menthol type vapes that will recreate the same effects of a cough drop or a menthol rub, and might actually be a little more effective since you are breathing it in.
  2. Stay hydrated.  We talk about this a lot with vapers tongue and trying to wash out the excessively nasty chemicals from the cigarettes we smoked for so long.  Oh, and speaking of….
  3. Whatever you do.  No matter how much you might feel even remotely tempted.  Do NOT smoke a cigarette.  You will do nothing but impede the progress you have put your body through in order to get rid of these chemicals.  Trust me, there are alternatives, and your body will heal that much quicker than you did when you had a cigarette.
I really hope these tips help you guys.  It’s cold and flu season, so please stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands!!!!…
Oh yeah, and vape on…
Until next time.  🙂


  1. Could it be a PG irritation? That happened to me when I vaped on a 40PG/60VG mix. I wasn’t allergic, but it felt harsh to the throat then I just stopped. When I vape on high VG this doesn’t happen though.
    I heard good things about Elixir Vapes, pretty sure you will like it. 🙂

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