Juice Review: Wrecked by S.O.S. Vapors

So this has been in my back pocket since my wife and I took a ghost hunting trip a little over a month ago.  I had the very tough decision of trying to figure out what vape was going to get me through the 3 day, 2 night fiasco in the heart of Virginia.  At the time, I was also waiting on my delivery from Cyber Liquids AND something special from Zamplebox.  I took one hit of “Wrecked” from SOS Vapors and had to give it a go.

So what is it?

“Pineapple, nectarine cake”

Flavor: At the time I tried it, the pineapple just popped from the moment I hit the “Fire” button.  During the 3 days we were gone, the pineapple flavor kind of mellowed out.  Everytime I took a hit, I got a juicy, thirst quenching burst of pineapple and nectarine flavor.  I constantly found myself wanting something to eat to absorb the flavor, it was that tasty.  I think by day 3, I just got pure sweet fruit juice without really being able to discern whether it was pineapple, nectarine, or something else tropical.  What trips me out is that the flavor doesn’t really hang around for very long, because….

Cloud Production:….clearly this is a liquid for cloud chasers.  80VG/20PG, quick burst of flavor, and clouds for days.  Incredible clouds too, I think.  I found myself outside of our hotel at 3am saying “Alright, I bet I can make this cloud even bigger..” Even towards the end of the cotton, the clouds were just incredible.

Nictotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 30ml

Plus you honestly cannot go wrong with a bottle that’s this damn pretty….

Until next time….Keep on vaping!!

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