Juice Review: Twilight Circus by AVAIL Vapor

I’ll start this one off by saying this.  I cannot knock AVAIL one bit.  I have tried some flavors that have blown their product line out of the water.  Yet if it wasn’t for these guys and this little Infuse device, I would probably still be smoking right now.

But then I wandered into the store after getting a haircut this past Saturday….

And then I bought this little 15ml bottle called “Twilight Circus”

Holy crap….

An amazing Rainbow Sherbet ice cream flavor, with just the right amount of lemon, lime and orange notes to add a little complexity, and a fun summery twist! Its strong citrus personality is great for those who prefer fruity or candy type vapes that leave a sweet and tart taste in your mouth. This one will make an excellent addition to your vape collection.

  • Rich fruity vape
  • Sweet and tart
  • Rainbow Sherbet ice cream
Flavor: As part of the Reserve line, you can tell these guys pay very close attention to the flavor content and it shows.  Yes, this has a very tart, very tasty sherbet flavor.  Heavy citrus with a hint of raspberry and possibly other sherbets I can’t think of at this very moment.  But as bored as I got with the few Core lines I tried previously, this one kept me going from the very first vape.  Honestly, I have not had a dessert flavor that has held up quite as solid as this…
Cloud Production: Um…not the best in the world, but definitely not the worst.  I would probably guess this as a 65-70VG level, with the clouds to boot.  With such a strong solid flavor, I honestly wouldn’t expect a great deal of clouds but it can definitely hold it’s own.
Throat Hit: For all of you out there searching for a good dessert flavor with a little bit of a bite, this is for you.  There is definitely a throat hit here, but not unbearable.  Keep in mind, folks, this has citrus flavors in it!!!
Nicotine Level: 4mg, 8mg
Bottle Size: 15ml and 30ml
Until next time…Keep on vaping!!

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