Juice Review: Carolina Breeze by Carolina Cotton Tonic

I actually cracked open this bottle a few weeks ago and decided to put it back in my juice box for a little bit longer.  Not because it was terrible (trust me, it’s not) but it was a stark contrast to the flavors I had grown used to from Carolina Cotton Tonic.  Tonic Boom had a very strong flavor with a subtle throat hit.  Cinnamilk Crunch had very bold flavor as well, and Cotton Milk was just gentle enough to be one of my next favorite “All Day Vapes”.

“A refreshing summertime blend of cucumbers and melons with a twist that is for sure to satisfy, just like a nice cool Carolina Breeze”

My last venture into cucumber vaping territory was disgusting, so you can understand why I would take a step backwards from this.  However, this isn’t totally what you would think…

Flavor: There is no sweetness to this.  To me, this tastes like pure melons (cantaloupe, honeydew, and possible a little bit of watermelon?) with cucumber added to draw out the flavor a bit.  Even in cooking, you add cucumber to accentuate or bring the flavor out in whatever else you are using.  It’s not my usual flavor profile, but I could see how someone who wanted something a little “different” could definitely appreciate this.

Cloud Production: Like in previous posts, these guys know what they are doing to bring a good solid flavor with equally intense cloud production.

There are plenty of other flavors these guys offer, so the four I have posted barely scratch the surface.  I, personally, look forward to getting a chance to try everything else these guys have to offer.

Keep on vaping!!

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