Juice Review: Fruity Ohms by Coil Oil

Three things before I get underway with this:

  1. Allergies and fall weather suck.  I have been dealing with a migraine that has been slowly sneaking up since Monday night, and this morning is the best I have felt all week.  For any of you that have been keeping up with the daily posts, I apologize for missing posts the last few days
  2. There is a long story about what led me to trying Coil Oil, which I will get into in another post (hopefully this weekend)
  3. The label on this bottle, while having a very cool retro 80’s style, has changed.  Go check out their Facebook page and see the new labels.  I think these things look amazing!
If you are a fan of cereal vapes, you know that almost every juice line tries to replicate some form of a breakfast cereal line.  Most of the ones I have seen try to have the best Fruit Loops flavor out there.  They try to copy the full bowl of cereal, the bottom of the bowl, the rim around the outer edge of….eh, you get the picture.
But then I found this.  And I realized why this was such a huge hit at VapeMania last month…
Flavor: Like I said, a lot of juice makers try to copy the full cereal flavor, including the milk.  Bottom of the Bowl has been a pretty popular flavor lately, or at least cereal with a heavy milk undertone.  Yet, not many of them can replicate the best part about being an adult.  That part is grabbing a handful of your favorite cereal and stuffing it in your pie hole.  I did not taste any milk, or anything to mask what could be a subpar flavor.  This tasted like I took a handful of Fruit Loops (okay, maybe offbrand Fruit Loops…) and ate it straight from my hand.  If the flavor had been amped up a little, or even if I had tried a 3mg (this was a 0mg Nic level juice), it would taste like the name brand thing.
Cloud Production: Sick!!!  I have not seen solid clouds like this in quite a while, and it seems to be more from housemade juices.  These guys know what they’re doing!!
I don’t know anything about Nic level availability, nor the PG/VG level.  But if this is something you’d like to try out, I would suggest going to their Facebook page or website and contact them.
Until next time…

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  1. cafewand says:

    I know those feels. Peppermint oil helps me a lot with my migraines. Lavender helps my mother in law. Everybody is different. I hope it gets better. Great review!


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