Juice Review: Meringue Bang by Juice Maniac

“The powerful pastry explosion may give you shell shock, but the sugary lemon goodness will carry you home”

Oh man, this was a fun one.  I already have a lot of confidence in Juice Maniac from the previous few posts I have done.  Unpredictable may be stating it lightly, but I really like how bold these guys are in their flavor approach.

Flavor: Sweet sugary fluffiness fills the air then BAM!!  Lemon meringue punch right to the face.  You don’t know when it’s coming.  I take another hit, seems very soft and gentle with the sugar cookie taste and then BAM!!  Another meringue punch to the face.  (or maybe it was just my RDA spitting back).

Either way, this has a perfectly executed flavor level.  Sweet one moment, super tangy and citrus filled the next.  I could not put the bottle down.  And at this point, I’m actually kicking myself for only sticking with the tester.

Cloud Production: You would think that with this much flavor, the clouds would be subpar.  And you would be wrong!  Insane cloud production combined with an awesome flavor package, this rates very highly on my list.

And I still have 4 more flavors to review?  Man, I can’t wait!!

Until next time…

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