Juice Review: Colonial Crumble by Lost Colony Vapors

In honor of Columbus Day, I decided to go back and revisit one of my favorite juice lines.  Lost Colony Vapors is a local blend from here in North Carolina.  The approach is an old world style “dessert” flavor, mainly pastries.

Here is what Colonial Crumble is described as:

“A cinnamon graham crumble with fresh tasting blueberries.  This vape will reveal more blueberry flavor as you dig through its delicious layers of cinnamon graham crumble!”

When I tried this last month, I was a little reluctant.  The bottle itself simply says “Blueberry Cinnamon Graham Crumble”.  The thought is that the first flavor listed would be the most prominent.  Not in this case…

Flavor: It starts out with a solid cinnamon sugar glaze, with a light hint of blueberry on top, almost like that first bite of a crumble cake with a blueberry compote on top.  As you continue to vape the next 3-4 hits, the blueberry flavor really starts to amp up.  Too much?  Stop vaping for a couple of minutes and start again.  Very ingenious approach, and very tasty to boot!

Cloud Production: This 70VG/30PG bottle produces some pretty moderate clouds.  The blueberry flavor level kind of determines how much clouds you will produce, so it’s really up to how you vape

Nicotine Level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 30ml glass bottle

Until next time…

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