Juice Review: Strawtassium by Juice Maniac

“Strawtassium is a brutal new death metal band.  Actually, it’s a smooth new custard blend, strawberries and bananas, blended delicately into a mellow custard vape”

So this is the 3rd post I have done for this juice line, and I will go ahead and admit it.  These guys have some serious balls.  They don’t just delicately place the flavor in the bottle.  They jam as much of it into a little tiny space, shake it up, spin it around, and call it a day.  This stuff is just….wow….

Flavor: Okay, let’s check the list.

Strawberry?  Check.  It’s not a ripe strawberry flavor, but there is plenty of sweetness

Banana?  Double check.  Not too banana-y (wait, am I making words up again??)

Then these guys have the stones to jam custard into the mix??  WTF?!?!

Like I said in one of my previous posts, a lot of fruit flavors tend to lack something underneath to give a full flavored experience.  The custard thing might be overdone, but it acts like a referee, directing the flavor into their far corners for the fight.  And boy what a fight it is….

Cloud Production: $&@#ing awesome!!  Clouds for $&@#ing days and days.  70VG worth of cloud plumage jammed into this itty bitty tester bottle.  Dammit, I should have bought a full sized bottle…

Let’s see what’s next…

Until next time…


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  1. This sounds more up my alley. I find creams, custards and even sometimes milk flavours add a much needed backbone to fruit vapes. I’ve got some sweet cream on the way to test this theory with some juices I felt lacked something but weren’t so shitty that I tossed them right away.

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