Scottish roll


Holy crap, guys.  Forget what you were taught with wicking.  I have seen people posting on these over the last few days, and I wanted to share with you guys the video that taught me.  I just tried this on my KangeTech Mini Subox with regular coils (26ga, 6 wraps, reading 0.4 ohms), and I have not had a dry hit yet.  15-20 pulls later, this is serious.

Now to get a better mod to handle a true Clapton coil and really get the flavor popping.

What do you think?  Try it and post your results below.

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  1. This almost makes me want to try the Kanger rba that I have again. I totally had wicking issues and this looks amazing.

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    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      I would get a separate RDA, no tank. I think this would clog the air holes too much. RDA has a LOT of flavor

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      1. I still don’t know if I feel ready to build. I’m scared of blowing myself up.

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      2. CoffeeFuel says:

        Keep an eye out. I will post a few build instruction videos soon.


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