Juice Review: Treason by Propaganda E-Liquid

Nothing in their product line really seemed to jump out at me.  But the presentation was pretty awesome, I think.  Jumping from Wild Fire, let’s check out Treason…

“Lemon Pudding with Whipped Cream”

Guys, I have not had anything pudding related since I worked in a nursing home a few years ago.  Even then I couldn’t stand it, and this is no different.  I liked the presentation with the “Anonymous” mask on the front.  However, after loading this in my RDA, I learned 3 things

  1.  This does not taste like pudding or anything pudding related.  The flavor I cannot place, but it’s not appealing to me whatsoever.
  2. There is no sweetness involved, so even if I could place the flavor I probably still wouldn’t want to try it.
  3. This bottle belongs in one place.  My garbage can.
I liked the clouds, but if I honestly cannot stand vaping a flavor, I cannot give you guys a proper breakdown.  This is just my opinion but I personally couldn’t stand vaping this.
Next juice, please…

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