How to help a loved one switch to vaping


I guess I could have broadened out that title a little bit more.  I mean honestly, this could apply to just about everybody you ever encounter that is stuck on smoking.  To some, it’s a huge secret.  To others, not so surprising.

How can you convince someone to quit smoking and switch to vaping?

The simple answer is: You can’t.

Think about it.  When you were a smoker and someone (more than likely a non-smoker) would tell you “just quit and save your life!” or “do you realize how expensive those things are??” or even “Ugh…you smell like a damn ashtray…”, what was your reaction?

Did you give in and say “you know what? They’re right!  I’m going to put down these cigarettes and never smoke again”.  I’m willing to bet that you didn’t.  You blocked it all out and said it’s none of their damn business and that you’ll do whatever you want to.

The same thing happens when switching to vaping.  When I picked up my Infuse kit, my wife picked one up as well.  She only tried the flavors in the store, picked up a cinnamon/menthol, and called it a day.  After about two weeks, she became frustrated.  Granted, she was a combo smoker (cigarettes/vaping), only vaping while she was at work.  She decided it was too much for her and called it a day.  Essentially I felt like I had pressured her into switching to vaping.  Now she is almost unwilling to budge.

Every once in a while I will bring a new vape into the room and say “You should try this!!”  She takes a little hit, says it tastes disgusting, and hands it back to me.  In the end, I felt like I pressured her into switching to vaping and it backfired on me.

The best course of action to take is to be informative.  Be available.  Don’t hide the fact that you vape.  I do believe that cloud chucking in the middle of a crowded shopping center can be a little distracting and some might say a little tacky.  To each his own.  Yet, if a smoker decides they want to switch, who do you think they will come to with questions?

I actually have a co-worker that goes with me on smoke/vape breaks, and she asks tons of questions about the juice/mods and sounds like she wants to make the switch.  However, I cannot make that move for her.

It’s something that each smoker has to do on their own.  But it helps to have someone to help along the way.

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  1. Man, I hope your wife switches to vaping. I understand what you did since vapers are most enthused about when they first start, they have to share it with people they know who smoke.
    I got into vaping through a soft approach. My smoking buddy bought an e-Go kit and let me try it. Thinking about, I don’t even think she planned on buying a mod, she was just talked into buying one by another co-worker. Once I tasted that Hawaiian Punch e-juice she had, that was it for me. I knew I had to at least try vaping after tasting that e-juice.

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    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      I stuck with Avail juices for a while. I tried looking for Vintage liquids just because of the cool zippo style bottles I saw. I bought a bottle of Boss Reserve as my first “non-AVAIL” juice, and I was sold.

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  2. You’ve nailed this one. So far, two people I know have switched to vaping since I started. I vaped openly in front of each of them but I never said “you should try this.” I just answered all their questions, and directed them to their nearest vape shop. One I know only vaped nicotine free. She was a pretty light smoker and really wanted out entirely and vaping allowed her to fill the void/habit aspect of smoking. The other person is my husband’s brother and I’m not sure if he went nicotine free or not. My friend’s tried to pressure their dad into trying my vape and it backfired. He hated it.

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  3. Yea, it’s the same way with me. I don’t tend to pressure anyone. Except, if i have a juice i like, i’ll get the parents to try it. My dad is up on it, and takes a hit each time. But, if i say something to my stepmom, she refuses. I dunno if that’s because she’s stuck in her menthol ways, or, just likes her eGo she has. The thing is – they smoke, they only use their pens when they’re out of smokes for days on end. With people i don’t know though, i ALWAYS get questions, because i always bring my iStick with me. I won’t push anything on them, i’ll just give them what i know as facts – and, then tell them to go to a store or 2 here that can give them more advice on how to start. I think that’s the best case of action. I have friends who say that vaping is worse – but, then i give them the facts and shut them up LOL. If i were around those people, i wouldn’t push it on them – but, i would hand it over if they’d be willing to try. I think that’s the mistake you made….pressuring. You shoulda asked her if she’d be willing to take a journey with you, and if it works for her, it works. If she “Dual Smokes”, let her….and, eventually she’ll cut down on the smoking, and go right to the vaping.

    When i got started, i was asked by a friend if i still smoked, and, that they had the chance to help someone who wanted it. they gave me some reading material on the web about it, i watched some videos on youtube, and i was game. That’s when i got my first mod – the Aspire. Along with a ton of liquid, 2 tanks (1 of which SUCKS, and is the cause for the Aspire breaking, along with faulty product) – and, i still “Dual”. I’ve cut back a TON though….and, it’s actually become my personal safety blanket….it’s now the only thing other than my meds that help me through a panic attack LOL.

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    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      Believe it or not, you and I are on a very similar page…

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