Juice Review: Wild Fire by Propaganda E-Liquid

Since I received this sample pack, the graphic updated a little bit on the front of the bottle.  I could see where they might find issue with having this artwork on the front.  The new graphic removes the old Smokey the Bear hat and replaces it with a Propaganda hat instead.  I also find it ironic that they called this one Wild Fire with a giant Smokey the Bear graphic on the front.  Obviously the name and likeness go hand in hand with this one.

However, what kind of flavor is it?

“Toasted Almond Mezzaluna Cookie”

So let’s break this one down a little bit before we go any further.  What the heck is a Mezzaluna cookie?  Normally these are half-crescent shaped cookies that are filled with some type of jam/jelly.  A lot of times they are filled with a raspberry jam and tossed in a sweet sugary coating (hmmm…I’m hungry now…)

But what the heck does this vape taste like?

Flavor: Take a closer look at the bottle and you’ll understand why I am going to say what I’m about to say.  This has a super rustic flavor.  There is no artificial sweetness to this.  What I am tasting is a rich bodied, super dense flavor.  The toasted almond has a solid “nutty” vape to it, but there is a bit of a milky undertone.  I would almost picture the consistency of milk products you would buy from a convenience store (i.e. Frappucino, Java Monster, or even a protein shake).  There is a definite consistency of texture between all three of these, and I get that same sort of undertone with this.

In short?  An awesome dessert flavor for those that don’t want something super sweet.

Cloud Production: Solid. I think they said this is a 70VG/30PG blend, so there is nothing choppy with the cloud production here.

Honestly, I love this flavor.  It would go perfect with a cup of coffee…;-)

Until next time…


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