Month: October 2015

Breathe by Elixir Vape

So as I mentioned before, I had a rather long talk on Instagram with Billy, the co-founder of Elixir Vape.  After about an hour, we made arrangements to get a bottle of Breathe shipped over to me overnight to try.  I mean, honestly, as a blogger you kind […]

The feedback…

“When last we left our intrepid hero…” Guys, I feel horrible that I haven’t been on for the past few days.  Three very important things were going on that kind of impeded my ability to provide honest, meaningful (eh?), and thought provoking (yeah, right) reviews.  Let’s get some […]

Allergies and vaping

Today has been one hell of a day to be a vaper.  I woke up this morning feeling fairly decent for a Thursday “Gotta get my crap done before Friday hits” kind of day.  I took a vape break with a coworker around 9:30…and then the crap hit […]