Juice Review: Gladiator Max from Earth’s Bounty

“A wonderful mix of juicy peach, tart blueberries, and sweet strawberries”

You withstood the treacherous Bear Poo in all of it’s golden glory…(god that sounded wrong….)

You endured the rich depth and flavor of Magic City Custard (okay, that’s a little better…)

You even defeated the might Purple Cow…(wait…what??)

Here comes….GLADIATOR MAX!!!

So here we are with another fruit blend.  Earth’s Bounty has not disappointed me so far with an eclectic blend and approach to some pretty creative juices.  However, I don’t do well with most fruit blends. Maybe it’s the fact that my taste buds cannot discern different fruits when blended together, which is the case here…

Flavor: Okay, so the profile lists peach, blueberries, and strawberries.  All I can taste in this is the peach, which isn’t even super heavy.  What I actually taste with the peach is a very pulpy, almost cotton mouth type of texture.  The strawberries were a slight undertone, and I couldn’t taste blueberries anywhere in this bottle.  To be perfectly honest, I could not find any depth in this flavor, which is sad for me.  I love all three fruits, and my hope is that I just ended up with a bad bottle.  For some people, they may like this lighter, fluffier approach to their fruit flavors.  But for me, this just wasn’t it.

Cloud Production: It felt a little choppy to me, which makes me feel like I probably did end up with a bad bottle.  It happens, and I honestly wouldn’t expect every single one of these bottles to be 100 percent stellar.

Oh well, Gladiator.  Can’t win them all.  I do have confidence in these guys because they do have some pretty incredible flavor selections in this Max VG Line.I still have two more flavors from the product line to try, which are also fruit flavored.  I really hope it will be better with those.

Until next time…


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