Dr. Crimmy vs. Matty Ice scandal

Okay, not to beat a dead horse but I want to put my own opinions out there on this situation.  I don’t want to say who is right and who is wrong, but rather what should be taken from this situation.

  1.  I think the way Mod Envy handled the situation tonight was stellar.   It shows the closeness within the vaping community of handling situations in a calm and professional manner.  The truth is that we are all in this situation together (consumers and manufacturers).  There is a very strong transparency in this business on what goes out to consumers in the labeling as far as content (PG vs VG), if it’s made in America, and if it’s made in a lab.  The clearer this information is to the consumer, the better, I feel, that the company is taking their customer’s best interest at heart.  We’re talking about a product that people are ingesting into their bodies.   You have to have a certain degree of pride and care in that, because otherwise you are putting a lot of people’s health at risk.
  2. Best practices are key.  Regardless of how spotless your facility is, you have to have certain degrees to prevent cross contamination and unsanitary conditions for the product you are selling.  I agree with Joe that I don’t necessarily HAVE to have juice made in a clean room, but have the common sense to be safe with the ingredients you are using.  Some of the best juices I have ever had are hand-crafted, and you can tell the care and quality that went into the making of these products.  If you are half-ass in creating these juices, it will show in your work.
  3. The vaping community as a whole has done an incredible job at handling this ourselves.  When it comes to unsafe ingredients, underage customers, or even situations like this, the community has done an incredible job of sticking together and pushing out the bad people and keeping each other in check.
Having said that…
Guys, this is a very delicate situation.  When so much heat is being put onto the vaping community as a whole from the US government and big tobacco, all it takes is one solid case for a majority of this industry to crumble.  We can push out a few bad companies because so many others are there to take the place, but if the government gets involved and starts coming up with insane regulations, the numbers will fall.
It’s getting to a point to where manufacturers have to be aware that we may be fighting a losing battle.  If the government passes some of these bills they are pushing, they could be very heavily involved in the production process.  And I don’t mean in a good way.  Vaping advocates fight day and night to make sure that we have the right to enjoy these products and that we are fully capable of handling ourselves as a cohesive unit.  I don’t think you can find this in any other industry.
As consumers, we need to support vaping advocacy and also make sure we are vocal about our opinions when something isn’t right in this business.  Like it or not, we are all in this together.
Until next time…

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