Mt Baker Vapor Part 1: Berried Treasure

I had never heard of Mt Baker Vapor before, but I stumbled across their Twitter at the same time that my friend Liz had mentioned them in passing.  I was like “Who??”

She said “Wait…you’ve never heard of Mt Baker??”

Maybe it’s the area I live in, or maybe it’s just my inexperience with vaping companies outside of this general region.  I did some research and was immediately intrigued by what I found out.  For those of you who may not have heard of them either, I will break it down for you quite simply.  This is the Starbucks of vaping.  Hand crafted, made to order, these guys do it.  And to be perfectly honest, they do it quite well.

I contacted them and arranged a pack of a few juices to try out.  I wasn’t quite sure where to begin, so I just said “Surprise me”.  What I got was an array of blends ranging from Root Bear floats to Banana Nut Bread.  The cool part is that you can adjust how the PG/VG blend is, and can even request extra shots to go in your liquid.

You want that Cloudy Beaches in a Max VG with two extra flavor shots?  Check

How about that Arctic Heat in a 50/50 blend?  You got it.

You can be as creative as you want to be.  I wouldn’t honestly suggest it to someone who is just getting into vaping, because different people can tolerate different levels.  I personally go 60VG/40PG, and 80VG/20PG can be pushing it depending on the juice.

Let me start out by telling you about this one called “Berried Treasure”,

“Bountiful berries mingle with the sweet solace of vanilla butternut dessert in this wholesome Berried Treasure e-juice. A flavor you shall treasure!”

At this mix, I didn’t quite taste what they described above.  Maybe it’s that 80/20 blend speaking to me, but what I actually tasted is Crunch Berries.  Hand crafted, but very nicely flavored.  The clouds were pretty good quality, definitely had some depth and weight to them.  But it seriously tasted like I just stuck my hand in a bag of Crunch Berries and took a huge bite.

And it was pretty awesome!!!

I’m very excited to check out the other juices they sent me.  Have you tried Mt Baker Vapor before?  Tell me your experiences in the comments section below.

Until next time…


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