Juice Review: Euphoria from Cosmic Fog Liquids

I was completely stunned and dumbfounded by the three (yes you heard me right, THREE!!) Fruit Loops blends that came in my Zamplebox this month.  I started with this one because of the following product description from my Zamplebox menu…

“Fruit Loops with a delicious twist”

Here’s what I love about Cosmic Fog.  These guys make delicious liquid that goes well enough in a tank for a solid all day vape.  You don’t have to have a dripper in order to enjoy their blends.  My menu listed this as a 55% VG blend, which is good enough to run in my RBA for my Subox without worrying about flavor being stripped away.

Flavor: To me, the twist tastes a lot like Apple Jacks.  In other words, I am tasting both blends jammed together in the same bowl.  I’m sure we all did it as kids, mixing two of our favorite breakfast cereals together.  I don’t think I would have ever thought to put Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops in the same bowl, but this tastes like what I would imagine.  And to be honest, it’s quite tasty.

Cloud Production: Even at just being a 55% VG blend, the clouds are full and plentiful.  I found myself chucking away at this on my way to work late last week and realizing my windows were getting a little too clouded up.  Then again, I was so satisfied with the taste I almost didn’t care….

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything listed on their website as far as available bottle sizes or nicotine strength.  If it’s anything like the Lost Fog collection, you will find a wide array of bottles and nic strengths to satisfy.  These guys have a strong reputation for being an incredible juice company, and after what I have tried so far I would have to agree.

Until next time..


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