Juice Review: Cotton Milk by Carolina Cotton Tonic

“This is the gem that started it all.  If you love that pink milk with the rabbit on the front then you’re gonna love this one.  Most people who try it refuse to vape anything else.”

I talked yesterday about my early experiences with vaping, and how Boss Reserve was just like an old friend that I liked to visit from time to time.  This story, however, takes a slightly different turn…

Just as a recap, I found out about Carolina Cotton Tonic at VapeMania a few weeks ago.  In the fray, they gave me four bottles to try.  Cinnamilk Crunch, Tonic Boom, Carolina Breeze, and this.  I accidentally forgot to grab a flyer with a breakdown of all of their flavors, so the guys sent me over a quick summary on Instagram describing what the flavors are.  (By the way, these guys are SUPER responsive on Facebook and Instagram!!  Their customer service alone has really spoken volumes to me.)

I found out that this was the other one that was accidentally at 0mg.  I pick on the guys about this, but in reality it actually was a blessing in disguise.  Let me tell you about the juice first…

Flavor:  It’s Strawberry Nesquik.  Not a ton of flavor, like you just took a swig from the bottle.  Rather, this gives you just enough flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth, thirst, and vaping craze all at once.  I never once got an awkward hit where too much VG hit my tongue.  This is perfectly blended from the top all the way to the 1/2 of a bottle that remains in my stash.

Cloud Production: The only thing that would make these clouds better is if they were pink to match the flavor.  Light and fluffy, as though they were the cotton straight from my Subox.  I seriously felt like the fluffiest of clouds were flowing everytime I exhaled this blend.  Just incredible.

In contrast to just about everything I have tried up until this point, this is a very simply juice.  Simplicity is key.  You’re not going for a crazy concoction that tastes like 12 different things in the same bottle.  This takes a simple childhood/adulthood favorite and bottles it to a very satisfying vaping experience.  The reason I said that this was a blessing is because of this fact.  I would feel completely comfortable with using this as one of the last juices I would ever vape…

Unless something else better comes along…only time will tell….

Until next time…

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