Zamplebox September Menu

So here we are with another monthly Zamplebox.  I decided to post a video to show you guys what the bottles looked like.  Honestly, I’d say this is a much tighter setup than what I have had the past couple of months.  The new flavor profile system works beautifully, and I will walk you guys through it this weekend in another post.

1.  Cereal Number – Fruit Loops cereal and Milk (60VG) – D Squared – Los Angeles, CA

2.  El Blacco – Creamy Blackberry Tobacco (70VG) – G2 Vapor – Glen Burnie, MD

3.  Fruition – Fruit Loops cereal and Milk (50VG) – Seduce Juice – Charlotte, NC

4.  MK Ultra – Peach, berries, & citrus (60VG) – Mg Consortium – Los Angeles, CA

5.  Red Line – Nutty Vanilla Tobacco (75VG) – Victory Liquid – Long Beach, CA

6.  Whoopie – Blueberries & Strawberries topped with vanilla cream (80VG) – Premier Cloud Drippin Liquid – Hamburg, PA

7.  Dynamix – Citrus & Blueberry Soda with vanilla (70VG) – Magnetix – Seattle, WA

8. Euphoria – Fruit Loops Cereal with a delicious twist (55VG) – Cosmic Fog – Orange County, CA

9.  House Arrest – Milk & Honey (60VG) – Warped – Long Beach, CA

10. Pileus – Creamy Vanilla Custard & Lemon (80VG) – Phat Clouds – Tacoma, WA

11. Red Whip – Ripe Strawberries & Fresh Cream (60VG) – Royal Heights – Charleston, SC

Have you tried any of these?  Please subscribe to my blog, as I will be posting reviews on each one of these little beauties in the next few weeks.  If you want to check out your own Zamplebox, click here.

Until next time….

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  1. Three Fruit Loops, eh? I’d love to read a comparison as to which is best. I still haven’t tried that flavor yet, but it seems like many different companies make that flavor so it must be because it is good or because it is in demand.


    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      So many try it but not everyone can deliver. I will be doing a Saturday morning breakfast war post each week since this gives me a good start.

      Liked by 1 person

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