Juice Review: Scoops by Nephos

“Sweet, smooth, rich, and creamy.  A wonderfully wicked blend of mixed fruits and frozen cream.  Some may compare it to Tutti Fruitti, others simply to a sweet vaping dream”

They did it!  As part of the trifecta of flavors offered at this year’s VapeMania, Nephos offered this tasty little morsel.  Offering a sweet and fruity blend, they really seemed to knock this one out of the park.  But the description they offered above kind of goes from one extreme to another.  So which is it, a frozen fruity blend or a Tutti Fruitti?

Flavor: I get a little more candy/Tutti Fruitti and a little less frozen cream.  Mind you, it’s still delicious!  The flavor ranges anywhere from apples to bananas, and although they were very good with the other two flavors at differentiating between low/high temperature, I couldn’t quite decipher what the unique flavors were.  Instead, I seemed to get a different fruit blend with every vape.  One minute it was an apple-banana, next minute it was more strawberry mixed with pineapple.  This kept me guessing through the half bottle I have already consumed (hey, I’ve got more juices to review….)

Cloud Production: Strong.  Very very strong.  I keep talking about this, but these guys are very good at balancing clouds with flavor and creating a unique vaping experience unlike anything I have ever tasted in my life.

Check these guys out via East Coast Liquids, and keep checking in.  I really feel like these guys have a powerful future in the vaping industry as long as they maintain this quality of liquid throughout.

Also, be sure to check them out this weekend at the Miami Vape Fest!  You will not be sorry!

Until next time…


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