Juice Review: Rainbow Tears by Juice Maniac

I spoke in my previous post about “Pixels”, and how the smooth candy flavoring gave a pretty easy going vaping experience.

However, if you want something a little more in your face, I’d like to introduce you to “Rainbow Tears” by Juice Maniac…

“Double rainbow, all across…your tongue.  This sweet candy juice may give you a sugar high”

Flavor: This is an all out, in your face, rock concert of flavor goodness.  Holy crap, I cannot believe how much candy they crammed into this little bottle.  It’s Skittles all the way.  If they added just a touch of milk flavoring, this could easily turn into one of the best Fruity Pebbles blends I have ever tasted in my life.  Super sweet, super tasty…

Cloud Production: It’s a 70VG/30PG blend with some solid clouds to boot.  There is no compromising on either one of these, and I feel like you get a solid package of flavor and clouds.

Throat Hit: To me, this is the best part.  Most candy blends don’t have any throat hit whatsoever.  This one has a very subtle but powerful punch.  If you want something a little stronger, this is the way to go.

I just wish I had a bigger bottle….

Until next time…


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