Juice Review: Pixels by Nephos

I talked about these guys before, about how they made their debut about a week before VapeMania.  I’m going to tell you that these guys could definitely end up going places with their juices…

Take for example: Pixels

“Sweet and tart, simply delicious.  Conjure up memories of old-time candy shop sweets with this light vape featuring a hint of tart”

Being a child of the 80’s, I don’t know a great deal of old-time candy shop tastes.  To me, however, this tasted just like a Pixy Stick.  Powdery, sugary sweetness in a decadent vape form.  What made this cool, like mentioned in my previous post, is that the flavors change based on the temperature of the vape.  Again, with no temp control on my Subox, I had to go with a lighter wattage all the way up to super amped up.

Flavor: What I get from this at lower wattages is a blue-raspberry sugary blend.  Ramp the wattage up and it starts to go into more of a grape flavor.  You may taste something completely different, however…

Cloud Production: I felt that was a little lackluster.  While the flavor was there in spades, I feel like they could have given up just a slight touch of flavor for a little more clouds.  That’s just me personally speaking, however…

Throat Hit: I got absolutely nothing.  Their juices are smooth as a whistle when it comes to that elusive throat hit, which is both good and bad. However, if you want something with a little more to it, check this out….

Until next time…

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