Juice Review: MCC by Earth’s Bounty

Alright, so I had a rough weekend.  Lots of personal time to take care of personal matters…

But I still owe you guys some juice reviews, don’t I?  Let’s go with this little gem….

Magic City Custard – A smooth creamy vanilla custard with creamy caramel.

Again, not to beat a dead horse but I love me some custard.  I leaned on this to try and feel a little better after making the mistake of buying a pack of cigarettes.  I was like “I want something comforting and decadent”.  This was definitely that!

Flavor: To start the discussion off, I cannot taste a difference in these juices between vanilla custard, butterscotch custard, grape-maniacal custard.  I just know the straight up custard flavor, and it’s there.  And it’s good.  Mix with that a super heavy caramel flavoring.  This stuff is rich beyond Louis the VIII’s wildest dreams.

Cloud Production: It’s Max VG.  It’s got some pretty nice lift to it.

I like what they did here, and I feel like overall they did an excellent job.  I just cannot handle super rich juices as an all-day vape.  This would be more fitting as that “after-dinner” vape to replace the super huge dessert you tried to talk yourself out of.

Until next time…


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