Juice Review: Strawgurt by Nephos Liquids

I’d like to think that I have a pretty decent knowledge of a lot of companies out there selling e-liquid.  So I was pretty spot on when I saw the banner at VapeMania for “Nephos“.  In fact, I just learned today that they just became public a little over a week ago.  They released 3 flavors, and the first one is called Strawgurt, a Strawberry Greek Yogurt blend.

What I thought was so cool about this is the fact that the guy who created the juice was up front talking to everybody.  He openly admitted that he wasn’t into sales, but his passion was for the juice.  That says a lot about their philosophy, which I greatly admired.

Flavor:  The juice is created to break down differently, depending on how high the temperature is.  This was intentional to make sure each vaper could enjoy it to their own liking.  I was intrigued because I don’t have temp control on my Subox.  At first I tried this at 0.4 ohms with 34 watts.  I got a very solid mix between the greek yogurt and the real strawberry flavor.  I bumped the wattage down to about 28 watts and got more of a strawberry taste, then got full on greek yogurt when I bumped up to 36-37 watts.

Cloud Production: I felt that this provided a pretty solid cloud with the flavor to back it up.  Although I’m not sure the PG/VG levels, I would have to venture a guess at around 70VG.  That is one very strong suggestion I would make to these guys.  Nothing on the bottle indicated a PG/VG level.

The website doesn’t really offer a great deal of information on this product line, but I promise you that you will enjoy it.  Tasty clouds, if I do say so myself….

Until next time…


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