Juice Review: Cinnamilk Crunch by Carolina Cotton Tonic

So I got to VapeMania on Saturday and this was one of the first booths I went to.  With a name like Carolina Cotton Tonic, it just draws my attention.  I love local flavors, local companies, and everything dealing with it.  Companies like this help to preserve the essence of the Carolina flavor.  And this juice is no exception.

“Cinnamilk Crunch” is just like you would think.  A heaping bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in milk.  I had mentioned before, its a challenge to make a tasty cereal vape that is authentic as well as that elusive “All Day Vape”.  These guys knocked it out of the park, though.

Flavor: Just as you would expect.  Cinnamon flavor without being too sweet.  The milk wasn’t too heavy and actually provided that perfect balance to not taste like a handful of dry cereal.  The crazy part is that they accidentally gave me 0mg instead of 3mg.  Even though I wasn’t getting the nicotine hit I would normally look for, I still couldn’t put this juice down.

Cloud Production: Keep in mind the name “Carolina Cotton”.  The clouds from this are dense but not too heavy.  Full yet not too overpowering.  It reminded me of a cotton field, so the name just made more sense to me.

Throat Hit: Since I didn’t have any nicotine, I can’t really say if this would pack the punch that a lot of cereal vapes normally would have.  Keep an eye on my blog for two more of their juices that did have nicotine, though.

Nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

I would definitely keep this tasty little treat in my juice box.  Huge fan of these guys already, and can’t wait to see what these other flavors taste like.

Until next time…


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