Juice Review: Orange Bl’Awesome by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Before I even start this article, how freaking cool is that for a name?  As soon as I looked at the bottle, it took me a minute or two to understand what the label said.  After I encrypted the logo, I was like “Ah….I see what you did there”.

Guys, I have to tell you I have been racking my brain for the past few days trying to figure out the right words to use to describe this juice.  Honestly, I can’t move beyond just one word.


They nailed it right on the head when they used “Awesome” in the name of this tasty treat.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to think because “Charlie’s Chalk Dust” has been one of those brands that seemed to elude me.  People on Instagram and Vape Boss had posted pictures for several weeks about this company, yet I couldn’t ever find a bottle…until now.  And I’m glad I did.

Getting to the flavor, just as you would expect, this has a bold orange blossom flavor.  Yet I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what food it tasted like.  It had this strange texture, almost like an orange blossom pixie stick.  I felt like if I had an actual food in front of me instead of this vape, it would have had the consistency of a powdery candy.  The crazy part about it is that all of the sweetness was in the flavoring, not in the additive.  In other words, just sweet tangy orange and not a ton of sugar.  On the intake it was pure orange heaven.  When I exhaled, it felt like I was breathing out…well it tasted even better than the intake.  Cosmic Charlie’s is just one of those things that you have to try for yourself.

Cloud Production: 50/50 blend.  Not a great deal of cloud chucking.  Then again, you don’t buy this product for the cloud chasing.

Click the link to check out this and many other selections available from Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

You can also check out this and many other flavors at Zamplebox.


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