Juice Review: Supernova by Cyber Liquids

After already sampling the first three Cyber Liquids, I thought for sure I would start hitting on the “bad” side of their vape line.

Boy was I wrong…Enter the Supernova!!!

If you go the website, you will see the following for the description:  “Supernova or an exploding star (starburst) is a kiwi strawberry taffy blend that will remind you of a pink starburst.”

I usually try to stay away from fruity blends, but I’m glad I checked this out.  I really wish they would have gone a little wilder with the description because this has become one of my top three favorite juices at the moment.  Now, usually when you hear of a candy vape, you probably think like I do.

Candy=sweet=thick=heavy flavor

I actually found this to be surprisingly light.  This had the flavor of a Starburst without the heavy sugary content of a piece of the delicious candy.  That’s usually my problem with some of these sweet blends, because my mind plays tricks on me with the actual food it is replicating.  I automatically think that if I have a Starburst vape, it will be just as filling.

Cloud Production: Man, oh man.  This, to me, produced clouds much much heavier than the other 3 I have tried.  You also can’t help but keep ripping the clouds because of how tasty this juice is, so don’t be surprised if your room quickly clouds up.

Throat Hit: As I mentioned before, I really feel like the expert craftsmanship of this company has all but covered up the throat hit portion.  I’m hitting this with a 0.5ohm, cranking out around 30W on my Kangertech Mini Subox, and I am not feeling a throat hit at all.

So the ultimate question is this.  If I ran out of this juice, would I go out and buy another bottle?  Like I said, this is one of my top three juices right now.  Hands down.  This has just enough of a refreshing, crisp taste to balance out the savory blends I keep in my juice box.  You’d better believe I would keep this puppy in stock.

15ml, 30ml, and 120ml Bottles.

Nicotine strength: Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


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