Juice Review: Cipher Jax (a.k.a. Apple Jax) by Cyber Liquids

It’s Saturday morning, 11am.  Usually around this time about 25 years ago, I would be glued to a television eating a bowl of some kind of sugary kids breakfast cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons.  The best ones always came on at 11, don’t you think?

So many companies claim that they have the best breakfast cereal liquid for dripping.  Bird Brains by Cuttwood is pretty awesome, but there are also some pretty bad ones out there.  Cyber Liquids put out this juice with the following tagline on their menu/website:

“Green apples with light cinnamon with a toasty finish and milky sweet undertone.  Leave your spoon, get your dripper.”

  • Green Apples – Check
  • Light Cinnamon – Check
  • Toasty Finish – Check
  • Milky sweet undertone?…I guess I could see that.  Check
But is it tasty?  You better believe it!
So far, this is one of my favorite cereal blends out there that I have tried.  You can taste the individual flavors in a whirling concoction that just tastes amazing (even better when you got your taste buds back from quitting smoking…)
I guess the question is, though, does this taste like the breakfast cereal?  Absolutely not.  In my opinion, this is what Apple Jacks should taste like.  What I mean by that is this juice isn’t caked with sugar like a bowl of orange and green circles would be.  You can taste the flavors so much better that this kind of puts the official breakfast to shame.  And I understand the breakfast blends are very hard to duplicate.  Mostly because it’s hard to replicate that pure sugar taste without clogging up your coils.
Cloud production: Pretty much on par with the rest of the Cyber Liquids line.  It’s a 70VG/30PG blend so you can easily get the same cloud production from all the juices I have tried so far.
Throat hit: As I mentioned in my previous articles on this particular line, you can tell how much time Cyber puts into their liquid line.  The flavors are so smooth that it takes several hits to get a throat hit, and even then it’s not too strong.
Would I go out and buy this for myself?  You better believe it!!  It gives the taste of a wonderful breakfast cereal without the overloaded sugar punch that most dessert/cereal blends would give you.
You can find this juice here.  Available in 15, 30, 120ml bottles.  0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24mg Nicotine levels

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