Vaping in Public

I’m back!!  You guys may not have exactly missed me while I was gone, especially since it was only 3 days.  Yet I am back and fully recharged from a short vacation/ghost hunting trip with my wife and some friends.

I wanted to share a few quick thoughts regarding something that people tend to skirt around, and that is the topic of vaping in public.  It’s kind of a touchy subject because there are lots of misconceptions and stigmas that are keeping vapers from being able to do what they love best in a public setting.  A lot of people group it into the “tobacco” category, which raises a whole other set of issues I will get into at a later time.  By doing this, a lot of vapers end up being categorized as “another one of those smoking fads”.

The reality that we all know is that vaping produces trace amounts (if any) of harmful chemicals.  This is just a fraction of a percentage of what cigarette smoke produces.  We know this and try to veer towards a “safer” (if I can use that term) alternative.  The basic fact is that nobody wants to be around something that simulates smoking if they are also non-smokers.  Yet, we still want to vape if we are out shopping with family or just enjoying ourselves in public.

So what do you do?

Rip Trippers made a valid point in that you don’t have to produce a huge cloud to draw attention.  A little eGO stick can be just as effective as a large box mod.  If people are going to see it, they will see it regardless.  The key is to get your fix and not try to put it in people’s faces.  You wouldn’t want someone blowing cigarette smoke in your face, would you?  Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people still look at vaping as…

The point I am trying to make here is that we all need to be respectful of people’s spaces.  As long as we aren’t trying to have a cloud comp in front of a grocery store or trying to blind people while driving with large white plumes, then maybe one day people will get to where they honestly don’t care what we do.

The interesting part to me is that while we were on vacation, one of the locations we investigated was St. Albans Sanitorium in Radford, VA.  One of the rules they mentioned is “no smoking, no dipping, but it’s okay if you want to vape while inside the building”.

I was like “Whoa….really?”

One of the ladies mentioned that it is okay because it’s “non-intrusive”.  Hmmmm…so unless she herself also vapes, then maybe she can help start the wave of people recognizing that vaping really is a huge different from cigarettes.

Just my two cents.  Leave me a comment or feel free to send me a reply to my email.

Thanks guys!


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  1. I don’t like people who sub-ohm vape in public. Big, huge clouds of vapor that you can see 100 feet away. Really? Is that necessary? A simple e-go set up or something that doesn’t vape like a fog machine for the outdoors, let’s keep the sub-ohming indoors or only around other vapers.

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