Juice Review: Birch Beer by Keystone Vapor

To start things off for the August menu of Zamplebox, we get to this delicious little treat.

Birch Beer (Birch Flavored Soda) – Birch Beer10ml, 50/50 VG.  Keystone Vapor, Croydon, PA.  This is similar to root beer, but with a birch flavor.  If you have never tried birch beer soda before, you’d be in for a treat.  To me, it’s very light and the juice is no exception.  The website has this starting at $5.95 a bottle, with a free 10ml sample bottle with every order.

My wife and I are very strong supporters of our local Co-Op market.  They sell a few different Birch Beer lines, so the taste wasn’t too unfamiliar to me.  I was actually kind of excited to try it.  I haven’t tried any “beverage” blends (aside from coffee….obviously….) so I was even more excited to experience what this was going to be like.

This went into the tank that came with my Kanger Mini Subox.  With the watts cranked up a little bit, I felt that the rush of vapor combined with the flavor made me feel like I was actually drinking the soda.  This has solid birch flavor without being too overpowering.  The 50/50 blend is spot on for what they are trying to achieve.

The vapor production for this juice is very nice.  With a full tank, I couldn’t stop myself from ripping and chucking the clouds.  It almost made me feel like I had a bottle of birch beer sitting beside me.

Price wise, this is $6 for a 10ml bottle.  While I wish the bottles were a little bigger, I understand why they would want to sell a smaller size, especially when supplying a company like Zamplebox.  This is the right flavor to really get you in the door to try the rest of their line, and I would love to see what else they offered (as it turns out, this company has quite a bit to try.  Not all of it is beverage related either.)

As much as I was ripping, I didn’t get a very strong throat hit either. Very smooth on the pallet and very easy on the wallet.  Would I go out and buy a bottle of this?  Absolutely!!  I have the bottle sitting at my desk at work, ready for when I need a vape and a drink at the same time.


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