Juice Review: VADER by Cyber E-liquids

“Puff, breath, puff, breath…Luke….I am your vapor…..”

Okay, so my name isn’t Luke.  But regardless the statement above accurately describes this incredible juice.  As part of my Zamplebox for the month of August, I received this delectable little treat.

First off, let’s get to the specs on this so you know what we’re dealing with, then I’ll give you my full and honest review.

Vader (Cookie Dough & Vanilla Hazelnut Custard) –Vader 15ml, 70%VG.  Cyber Liquids, Buena Park, CA.

According to my menu, this is $12 for a 15ml bottle.  I have found some juices cheaper and have definitely found some more expensive.  It’s pretty fair to say that for the cost this is about midlevel.

But is it worth it?

For starters, the flavor is out of this world.  Something about a custard flavor adds a level of sweetness that seems more savory than overpowering.  It’s hearty and robust without turning away your taste buds.  I think the custard flavor helps to round out what could have been an overly sweet “Cookie Dough” flavor.  I currently have this set up in my Freakshow RDA and am taking in every puff of flavor I can possibly get.  I still don’t feel like it’s too much.  Dare I say this is pretty close to a perfect blend for me.

Cloud production?  After my wick warmed up a bit, I am getting very soft white clouds.  I don’t feel like the clouds are too dense but there is some serious cloud production going on with this juice.

Granted I am only vaping a 3mg but I feel absolutely no throat hit, even after 4-5 puffs in a row.

If the chance came up to buy this product?  I absolutely would.  If you like the dessert flavors, this is definitely one worth trying.  I am very interested to see what other flavors this company has produced….

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