Zamplebox: August menu

I got my Zamplebox yesterday!!

What is Zamplebox?

It’s one of many subscription services that offer a tailored selection of juices each month.  They have one that starts at $19.99 that will send you three 30ml bottles.  I actually signed up for the “Gold” edition, which is six bottles for $24.99.  All of those bottles are between 10-15ml.  Last month I had 2 really good, 2 pretty good, and 2 that didn’t quite hit the mark.  This month, though, is a little different.  I thought I would feature what the flavors are and give you guys a link to the websites if you wanted to check out the flavors.  And if you want to check out Zamplebox for yourself, click here.  Enter the code “FRIENDOFZB” at checkout to receive 10 percent off your order.

  1.  Birch Beer (Birch Flavored Soda) – Birch Beer10ml, 50/50 VG.  Keystone Vapor, Croydon, PA.  This is similar to root beer, but with a birch flavor.  If you have never tried birch beer soda before, you’d be in for a treat.  To me, it’s very light and the juice is no exception.  The website has this starting at $5.95 a bottle, with a free 10ml sample bottle with every order. Read my review here
  2. Di-Polar (Savory Tobacco & Molasses) – Dipolar15ml, 70%VG.  Magnetix Vapor, Seattle, WA.  For the tobacco smoker that loves the flavor of tobaccos, Di-Polar is a blend of sweet and savory tobacco’s that is not too over-reaching.  The great e-liquid finishes with an added sweetness of molasses.. Read my review here!
  3. Isotropic (Tropical Fruits & Menthol) – Isotropic15ml, 70%VG.  Magnetix Vapor, Seattle, WA.  A refreshing tropical blend of Guava and other island fruits infused with a cool jet of Menthol.  I am a little reluctant on this one simply because of being burned on bad fruit flavors in last months’ box, but I will give this one a go.
  4. S. S. Cinnamon (Cinnamon Toast Cereal & Milk) – ss Cinnamon15ml, 80%VG.  B.A.D. Vapes, Gray, TN. I am loving how this one is smelling, and apparently the company has a large breakfast cereal line to try out (B.A.D. stands for “Breakfast All Day”, which I like!!)
  5. Vader (Cookie Dough & Vanilla Hazelnut Custard) –Vader 15ml, 70%VG.  Cyber Liquids, Buena Park, CA.  Guys, this is a phenomenal blend!!  Not too sweet, not too heavy.  I’m starting to think that you cannot go wrong with a custard blend (of course I say that now…) Read my review here.
  6. Wake Up Call (French Vanilla Latte with Whip & Caramel) – Carpe Diem15ml, 80%VG.  Carpe Diem, Dana Point, CA.  This is a super sweet mix.  I was excited to try it, but something didn’t quite hit me right. Read my review here
So there you have it!  I feel like this round was very close to my particular tastes, with just a slight bit of adventure if I wanted to branch out to other flavors.  Check out the links, let me know if you have tried any of these blends.

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