Vaping: It’s not just a choice, it’s a lifestyle

I have been a smoker for about 15 years now.  I started on the last day of my first job at a movie theater.  I was getting ready to go back to school the next week.  Feeling stressed about my “to-do” list, I asked a co-worker on a whim for a cigarette.  Immediately, I was hooked.  The tobacco smell, the feeling of relaxation just seemed to overtake my soul.

15 years later, I finally decided I had enough.  My clothes wreaked of the cigarette cloud, my teeth were in horrible shape, and I felt incredibly out of breath.  Getting enough energy to accomplish the things I wanted was damn near impossible.  The frustrating part was that I had tried almost everything under the sun to quit.  Patches never seemed to stay on, the gum gave me really bad heartburn.  I had tried ecigarettes from convenience stores before, but I had a similar result that I had from the gum.

A local gas station had a free product if you bought a bottle of juice for $6.99.  The results were amazing.  I got my nicotine fix without having to get a cigarette.  Plus I had a cooling menthol pineapple flavor that just melted my soul.  After a few weeks, I made the mistake of leaving it in my car on a really hot day.  Like most new vapers, I thought “Oh no!!  It melted!!”.  In hindsight it just needed some serious cleaning to get rid of the excess liquid that had leaked out of the side.  I got a replacement, tried a couple other flavors, but just didn’t get quite the same satisfaction I had with the pineapple flavor.  I was determined not to give up, though.  I had spent about a good month without having a cigarette.

I went to check out a local vape shop, and was immediately frustrated.  Nobody seemed to want to help this new guy learn the ropes of vaping.  This repeated at two or three more local shops.  Then I discovered a place called “Avail”.  That’s when I bought this.

Since then I have upgraded to a Kanger Mini Subox, tried several different flavors, and really gone on a journey of discovering what life can be like without cigarettes.  It hasn’t been without it’s struggle, though.  I have fallen off the wagon a few times, but I ended up feeling the effects afterwards.

What was your journey like?  Do you have an interest in learning about vaping?  Do you have a friend or family member you want to convert from cigarettes?

E-mail me at, or leave a comment below.  I am in the process of starting a YouTube channel for the beginners who are just getting into the vaping world.  I would love some ideas or feedback.


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