Month: August 2015

Am I really saving money??

One of the questions you may be asking yourself is this: “Am I really saving money by switching to vaping??“ The answer is a resounding…maybe.  Let me explain. Let’s say you are a pack a day smoker.  A pack of cigarettes costs $4.75.  In one week, you could […]

Vaping in Public

I’m back!!  You guys may not have exactly missed me while I was gone, especially since it was only 3 days.  Yet I am back and fully recharged from a short vacation/ghost hunting trip with my wife and some friends. I wanted to share a few quick thoughts […]

Juice Review: Wake Up Call by Carpe Diem

So far in my juice reviews, I have had fairly positive results.  Unfortunately, not all juices were created equal.  Case in point is this little bottle…. Wake Up Call (French Vanilla Latte with Whip & Caramel) – 15ml, 80%VG.  Carpe Diem, Dana Point, CA. Zamplebox gave this to […]

Juice Review: VADER by Cyber E-liquids

“Puff, breath, puff, breath…Luke….I am your vapor…..” Okay, so my name isn’t Luke.  But regardless the statement above accurately describes this incredible juice.  As part of my Zamplebox for the month of August, I received this delectable little treat. First off, let’s get to the specs on this so […]

Zamplebox: August menu

I got my Zamplebox yesterday!! What is Zamplebox? It’s one of many subscription services that offer a tailored selection of juices each month.  They have one that starts at $19.99 that will send you three 30ml bottles.  I actually signed up for the “Gold” edition, which is six […]