Product Review: AVAIL infuse starter kit 

I posted a few product reviews on e-cigarettes I have tried over the last few months. I actually have two more I need to do (one for Mystic, and one for Blu). Feel free to let me know which one you want to read first…

I decided after the Lex12 that I still wasn’t totally happy with the vaping experience. I accidentally broke my first starter, purchased a second with a flavor I didn’t like, and gave up on the Lex12 after a few days. After some research online, I decided to go look for a decent shop in town.

The first place I went to was a locally owned place. There was a nice leather couch set-up at the front, with a rather ominous cloud in the room considering there was only one other person there. That person, as it turns out, was the worker. I’m not sure if he was the owner of the shop, considering his age. Nonetheless, I started asking questions.

“What is a good way to start out?”
“How long does a bottle last?”
“How are the juices blended?”
“Do you have something that compares to….?”

And so-on

He handed me a menu and started explaining all the different types of juices they offered. They all sounded very tasty, and I thought it was crazy that so much could be offered in such a small vial. I had roughly $40 set aside for the kit and a bottle of juice to start out. I asked about the different types of devise, and he showed me two smaller devices called “MODs”. These were designed to output a much larger cloud. I asked how much they were, and he said about 60 bucks, not including the juice. I tried asking the question about some of the smaller items, and he kept trying to distract me to the bigger items. While I appreciated his knowledge of the juice, I felt like he was being too pushy to get me to fork over almost 100 bucks on something I may not be happy with.

I left with a sense of disappointment. A few days later, I tried another one further up the road. This one was set up in front of a tattoo shop. No furniture, no good way to see the flavors and devices up front. When I started with my rounds of questions, the guy pointed his finger to the shelf behind him.

“This is what you want”, as he took a large puff and sat back down in his comfy computer chair. I immediately left.

Once again, feeling very let down by the “customer service”, I kept doing my research. Then I found out about a company called AVAIL. Later in the week, I drove up to the closest one to check it out for myself.

Immediately when I walked up to it, I felt this sensation like it should be a bar instead of a retail shop. Aside from the heavy cloud, there were a couple tables set up towards the front. There were 5 tables set up with a bar selection of each juice, which the other two establishments were severely lacking. The guy was helpful and knowledgeable, but he let my wife and I go at our own pace. We tried many different flavors and asked a lot of questions about the actual vape devices themselves.

Eventually, we settled on what they called the “Avail Infuse” starter kit. This had a carrying case, charger, extra tip, and the device. This cost $25. The juices were $12.99, or 2 for $20. There is also a rewards punch card where you get one free bottle after 10 purchases.

I left feeling much happier with not only the product, but also the service. I didn’t feel pressured to buy any really expensive equipment, and I was pleased with the flavor juice I selected. Any of you local shops out there could learn a lot from this. There might not be much space, but letting the customer try things at their own pace was wonderful.

I would very highly recommend checking these people out, if you are looking to switch to vaping or want to step things up a little bit from your current vaping habit.



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