Product Review: Lex 12 Staple (e-cigarette/vaporizer)

So I published a review of the Vuse e-cigarette here. I actually have a few more I want to post in the near future, but this one kind of takes precedence. I had not planned on doing a review of a vaporizer because it’s not really my thing. These things don’t feel like a cigarette, and feel more like a pocket hookah that I can use at a moment’s notice.

Why did I buy it, then? Well there is a chain of local gas stations here that recently picked up this particular brand. The compelling side of this is that if you bought a bottle of flavor juice ($6.99), you got a free starter kit (valued at $24.99).

Seriously, how could you pass up a deal like that?? Here is a picture of the starter kit I received. Here is the flavor juice I picked up.

I wasn’t sure exactly what flavor to buy, but the lady behind the counter recommended a couple different kinds. She said the pineapple was one of the sweeter flavors she had tried, and she really loved it.

I got home, cracked open the kit, and this is what it looked like.

Very simple. USB charger for the battery, atomizer chamber, and user guide. I read through the user guide, and it recommended allowing 5 hours to charge on initial use. I charged this thing in one hour flat. Very impressive!!

The chamber doesn’t have an indicator on what level to fill up to. For someone like me who has no experience with vaporizers, it was a guessing game. I filled it to what I thought was a decent level and gave it a go. The flavor did not taste heavy, and in fact was quite pleasurable. To me, it felt more like a treat than an actual cigarette type flavor. At first it didn’t produce the smoke I had hoped for, but after better practice I was able to produce the visual smoke I had wanted.

I took this with me on my smoke breaks at work. Even though I have to drive off campus for my smoke breaks, I still felt a little awkward smoking something that was not a cigarette type design. In that aspect, I still felt like my smoking habit was fairly sedated.

Had I done some research into the brand, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I am not a fan of Bailey’s Cigarettes or Tahoe. However, this tasted so much better than those products. The flyer they gave me at the store listed 16 different flavors, which I will list below:

-Classic (Pipe)
-Menthol Chrome (Menthol)
-Free Spirit (Tobacco)
-Napa Night (Red Wine)
-Broken Dawn (Rum Coffee)
-Carnal Ecstasy (Apricot Brandy)
-Temptation (Apple)
-Midnight Dream (Blackberry Cream)
-Blonde Essence (Vanilla)
-Wild Passion (Grape)
-Sparkling Moon (White Grape)
-Blue Magic (Blueberry)
-Ragin’ Cajun (Whiskey)
-Red Krush (Cherry)
-Exotic Fusion (Cool Pineapple)
-Sweet Chaos (Clove)

If you want to look into this product, go to Also, if you have a product you would like me to look into for review, e-mail me at

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  1. Mark Beach says:

    Imma be straight i smoke anvape every day on 30 dollar bottles of expensive stuff and goodness less 12 is disgusting and dosnt compare …so sad you smoked some nasty shit you first time (hopefully it wasnt your first vape tho )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      I think as a first experience, it wasn’t bad. But as you can tell from the rest of the feed, I have definitely found better stuff


  2. Rebecca says:

    I have purchased the lex 12 juice several times and my favorite is midnight dream but the last three times I have gotten one it has not been the right flavor. It is the wild passion and it is AWFUL!!! I am very angry with the company!! The package says midnight dream and when I open it and smell its WRONG!!!!! 😡😡😡😡. It’s wild passion which is TERRIBLE!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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